Workshop on Location-based Social Media Data

March 13-14, 2015* Athens, Georgia, USA

Title: Spatiotemporal Modeling and Analytic Tools for Geo-targeted Social Media Data (Workshop at the International Conference on Location-based Social Media Data)

March 12, 2015 (Thursday), 3pm – 5pm.

Organizers: Dr. Xinyue Ye and Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou

This workshop will focus on the introduction of several research tools for spatiotemporal modeling and analytics of geo-targeted social media data, such as information diffusion modeling over time and space, the connection between online activities and real world human behaviors, and new knowledge discovery tools or machine learning functions. This workshop is one of the outreach activities for the NSF-IBSS (Interdisciplinary Behavioral and Social Science Research) project, entitled “IBSS: Spatiotemporal Modeling of Human Dynamics Across Social Media and Social Networks” (2014-2018, Award # 1416509). Project website:


The detail agenda for this two hour workshops is

  1. New NSF IBSS project introduction and collaboration opportunities (10 minutes, Ming)
  2. Introduction to the HDMA GitHub with Social Media APIs (10 minutes, Ming)
  3. Demo of SMART dashboard and GEO Viewers. (15 minutes, Ming)
  4. Social Media Analysis and Simulation Tools (25 minutes, Xinyue Ye)
  5. Python Programming for Twitter APIs and Web Map Application. (20 minutes, Su Han, Ph.D. student from SDSU/UCSB).
  6. Panel Discussion (40 minutes): (5 minutes short talks from each panelist, 20 minutes Group discussion)

Chair: Ming-Hsiang Tsou


  • Shih-Lung Shaw
  • Xinyue Ye
  • Bin Jiang
  • Xiaobai Yao


Total: 120 minutes (Two hours).

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